November 28th, 2012 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Dubstep, Electro, Electro (Trash Electro)

Antichrist is as many of you know one of our favorite producers here at Art of Noize. And we are always glad to see new things coming from him. Here we can introduce you to his new EP entitled “VHS” released via the awesome label Bonerizing Records consisting of two unique tracks named “Doomsicle” and “Cottonwood Mountain”.


The first track Cottonwood Mountain is a track I tried making that has a lot of emotions. But is still a banger. Doomsicle is a dubstep/glitch track, I wanted to make something with some different sounds i managed to create. It’s a bit different but it should be heavy enough to blast some ears to death. Hope you all enjoy this release and thanks for supporting me so far! I love you all for that. /Antichrist


Speaking for myself. When I first heard “Doomsicle” I got chills down my spine when I heard the intro of the song. And when it all starts at about 1.08 I closed my eyes and just nodded my head back and forth and smiled. “Cottonwood Mountain” on the other hand made me move my pale limbs a bit more. In a none freakish matter that is! I am always surprised on how Dennis Johansson aka Antichrist can make such unique sounds and fit them all together to create awesome tracks like these two! Hands down to Antichrist, hands down! Have a listen and go grab the EP on Beatport here!



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