August 26th, 2011 | by Case Nine | posted in AON Video, Video Interviews


In a time when professional production gear is available to everyone, it really is creativity which sets artists apart from each other. While creating something that will kick it good in a club could be considered relatively easy for artists these days, creating something that is truly fresh can not be considered such.


Franck Rivoire aka. Danger is one of those artists that leads the way rather than follow sonic trends, which is what makes him so interesting. You’ll always know it when you’re listening to a Danger tune, even if you haven’t heard it before.


We were lucky to snag a Skype interview with him a couple of months back, but due to major changes in the site we were forced to delay the release of the interview. Finally it’s here! I have yet to find another Audio/Video Interview with Danger in English, so we’re pretty psyched to have gotten the chance to have a chat with him. Sidenote: He’s a really laid back and cool dude, which I’m sure translates in the interview!


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