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Hello old readers, hello new readers!


The purpose of this post is to tell you guys what we’ve been up to for the last months! As you may have noticed recently, we haven’t been releasing videos and at times our posting schedule has been a bit uneven. Why you may ask? Are we a gang of demented 20-somethings who can’t help but misplace our passwords for the site? Was the Noize Squad called away on urgent business in the east? No unfortunately we’re not quite so cool yet (the urgent business trip part, not the bit about being demented 20-somethings).


Back-end Updates & WP-Audio Player


Unfortunately we all live normal lives. Lives that don’t involve some of the crazy awesome shit you may have seen on our YouTube channel. So for the last few months we’ve been hard at work trying to figure out a way in which we could make it easier and quicker to bring you daily content. Last week our solution arrived. We now have a much better backend system for posting new music! We have also been working on trying to figure out some of the bugs that have annoyed some of you guys. Unfortunately the mp3 player which we use isn’t perfect, but I have been fixing small bugs here and there in an attempt to make this experience better for you. As it seems currently, the best browser to experience the site in is Firefox. Chrome still seems to have issues with displaying the progress bar. On another note, from this day onward we will be moving away from Dropbox as a means of hosting our music content. Hopefully all of this will make the streaming of music much more pleasant for everybody!



Front-End Updates


As you can see we have also made some updates to the look of the site. Hopefully you will all dig the actual aesthetics but also the usability. For a few weeks now the new navigation system has been in place, although not fully implemented. From today on we will be posting much more specifically in Genres, which will make it much easier for you to find the music you’re like. We have decided to place all 200-something of the articles we’ve posted so far in a category called “Old Posts” which can be found under the “Genres” tab. Of course this means that the new categories will be largely empty at this point, but trust me they will be filling up as time goes (As you can see there are also some new categories which will give you a little bit of a hint at the type of content we will be working on in the very near future).


What Else have we been up to?


Well we’re still Art of Noize right? That means we’ve been working on a ton of content that we will be releasing in the coming weeks. Interviews, Live shows and all that lovely stuff… just check out the video at the top for a little sneak preview of what you might expect ;p


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