June 26th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in AON Video, Live Videos


If you weren’t there that night then you missed out, but now the video from the night is here to make you feel better. In March we booked two of our favourite heavy electro duos to Babel in Malmö, Sweden: F.O.O.L from our native homeland and Antichrist our neighbours from Norway. Sweden needs a proper thrashing when it comes to the club world and we knew these boys were up to the task.


If you read Art of Noize regularly you know how much F.O.O.L and Antichrist we post. Both of these duos have a very distinct sound and if you can give a compliment to EDM producers these days, then originality should in my opinion rank as one of the best ones. We also took the chance to sit down with both F.O.O.L and Antichrist after the gig to talk a little bit about their music, some of their experiences as EDM artists and more. That interview will come up on our YouTube next week!


Unfortunately we didn’t really have time to film more, since I was the one filming and I was also DJ’ing and running around fixing things, so no ego boost for the Art of Noize crew this time. But you know how we like it anyways, short and intense as fuck (no innuendo here). Watch in 1080p and subscribe to us on YouTube (and like us on Facebook… obviously?)



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