October 23rd, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Dubstep

Our newly found Norwegian brothers in Bypass Bandits have just released their first official EP on Bonerizing Records. Living Lars, Martin Wobble and Joakim Skurk aka. Bypass Bandits have been producing togheter since 2011 and are already some of my favourite Scandinavidan producers.
With Starchild EP they have created a great combination of melodic, feel-goody dubstep and glitchhop. The Glitchhop/Dubstep trio have also rekindled my love for humorous vocals with tracks like “DDPS” and “We’re Cooking Now. Tracks that have been part of my live setup for a couple of months now.
I highly suggest you go download the EP after you are done listening to these funky tunes.




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