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This has been in the talks since a while back so no doubt I’m super excited to be posting this track on Art of Noize. Antichrist aka Dennis Johansson from our neighbouring Norway is clearly one of our favourite producers here at Art of Noize and releasing what has to be my absolute favourite track of his is really exciting. On top of that he decided to name it after (yes you guessed it because you read the title) US!

Since I work with video production and simply loved this track, I decided I had to try making my first music video to it. Check it out below and make sure you download the full track for free as well.


Antichrist - Art of Noize Theme (Free Download)


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So after having posted the live video from our F.O.O.L & Antichrist Art of Noize event in Malmö, it is now time to share with you our interview with the boys in F.O.O.L. We had a short and pretty drunken chat with them about a bunch of different things ranging from some of the music they’ve been inspired by to South Korean call girls (Yeah don’t ask, you’ll get it when you watch the video). Our Norweigan buddies from Antichrist were in the room as well which you will notice from the intro, but their interview will come up in a separate video soon. Enjoy and if you haven’t seen the live video yet make sure you do so below.


Fun Fact: This is F.O.O.L’s first ever video interview. BLAM!







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If you weren’t there that night then you missed out, but now the video from the night is here to make you feel better. In March we booked two of our favourite heavy electro duos to Babel in Malmö, Sweden: F.O.O.L from our native homeland and Antichrist our neighbours from Norway. Sweden needs a proper thrashing when it comes to the club world and we knew these boys were up to the task.


If you read Art of Noize regularly you know how much F.O.O.L and Antichrist we post. Both of these duos have a very distinct sound and if you can give a compliment to EDM producers these days, then originality should in my opinion rank as one of the best ones. We also took the chance to sit down with both F.O.O.L and Antichrist after the gig to talk a little bit about their music, some of their experiences as EDM artists and more. That interview will come up on our YouTube next week!


Unfortunately we didn’t really have time to film more, since I was the one filming and I was also DJ’ing and running around fixing things, so no ego boost for the Art of Noize crew this time. But you know how we like it anyways, short and intense as fuck (no innuendo here). Watch in 1080p and subscribe to us on YouTube (and like us on Facebook… obviously?)



Facebook: F.O.O.LAntichrist
Soundcloud: F.O.O.LAntichrist

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Well this has got to have been one of the most amusing interviews I’ve ever been a part of and who’s surprised? It’s Dada Life. If you’ve ever seen an interview with them you’ll know they’re pretty laid back dudes. Needless to say it was great to sit down for a chat with them, what with them being two of our major heroes from the Swedish EDM scene. Call them what you wanna call them, Dada Life has their very own sound which nobody seems to be able to replicate (even though plenty would like to) and that along with the fact that pretty much everything they put out is a complete banger is what puts them at the absolute top in Electronic music today.


As always we tried to keep the conversation topics varied. We talked about the EDM scene and the role of Swedish artists in it, production and Swedish cheese (Mmmmmmmm). By the way, Like us on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube for the most direct updates to Art of Noize.




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His music is definitely one of my big loves in Dubstep and I was stoked when I found out that Alex from Gefle Dub had booked him. He played a mental set in the venue we’ve come to love so much (same place where we interviewed Skism and Datsik) and once he had finished he was gracious enough to head one floor up for an interview. Talking to him I really understand how he constantly pushes quality tunes (I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad Trolley Snatcha track).


He seems very adamant to release only what he is proud of rather than push anything that’s deemed ‘finished’ which so many people tend to do these days. On top of that he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met. If for some bizarre reason you don’t have him liked on Facebook yet, go do it! I hope you enjoy the interview and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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If you’re a follower of our Facebook page, you’ll know that we got the chance to sit down with none other than modern electro legends Justice a couple of days ago. It was about a 4 hour drive from where I live, but it was definitely worth it for a chat about the follow-up to their huge debut record.


It’s difficult to cite artists that have had as big an impact on the electronic music scene as Justice. Whether to call them EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or not is doubtful. They never considered their music for ass-shaking ends (“I see what you did there“). Even so they’ve become one of the most consistently played artists in clubs across the world in the past 3 or so years. Personally I came across the duo with their Romain Gavras directed documentary “A Cross the Universe” which accompanied their live album by the same name (The documentary is pretty insane by the way, watch it now if you haven’t already).


In this interview we talked a lot about their upcoming album entitled “Audio, Video, Disco”. Clearly the anticipation for their follow-up is overwhelming, but the boys don’t seem the least bit phased. Why? Well watch the interview already, there’s a reason we use cameras!


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In a time when professional production gear is available to everyone, it really is creativity which sets artists apart from each other. While creating something that will kick it good in a club could be considered relatively easy for artists these days, creating something that is truly fresh can not be considered such.


Franck Rivoire aka. Danger is one of those artists that leads the way rather than follow sonic trends, which is what makes him so interesting. You’ll always know it when you’re listening to a Danger tune, even if you haven’t heard it before.


We were lucky to snag a Skype interview with him a couple of months back, but due to major changes in the site we were forced to delay the release of the interview. Finally it’s here! I have yet to find another Audio/Video Interview with Danger in English, so we’re pretty psyched to have gotten the chance to have a chat with him. Sidenote: He’s a really laid back and cool dude, which I’m sure translates in the interview!


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The Emmaboda festival this year was definitely a big score for Art of Noize. We managed to get interviews and live footage from quite a few worldwide electronic artists, which was great. One of the biggest names we managed to talk to this year was Amit Duvdevani from Infected Mushroom. These guys have been at the very top of the psy-trance game for a long time (at the top of the electronic music game even) and they’re not stopping when it comes to continuously being inspired by different sounds and music. One of the most diverse names in electronic music for sure. As you might have heard they’re even getting into some “Psy-Step” now which is their own mix of influences. Watch the interview and you shall know more!


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The Swedish Emmaboda Festival was truly an insane event this year. The Lineup was so packed with great artists that it was difficult not to get exhausted and miss one or two. One act I definitely didn’t miss was F.O.O.L! Getting on stage directly after Electro legend Danger, the duo set up their gear on the Grand Piano which was a part of Dangers live setup. They definitely had a lot to live up to in the minds of the audience, yet they didn’t disappoint in any way. There was a sense that they really wanted to be there more than anything else, and their stage presence lived up to that atmosphere.

The track I used for this video is a brand new tune they just released yesterday FOR FREE, called “We Are”. Download it at the soundcloud page!


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SKisM is a dubstep producer who’s music i fell in love with pretty much as soon as I heard it. In a time when every kid and their mum is trying to produce the filthiest dubstep (including myself… and my mum) SKisM does something different, but still manages to maintain that heavy, dark, punchy element. His music is often majestic, almost orchestral… like a rave symphony (Just check out his “Down With the Kids” EP and you’ll understand exactly what I mean).


We caught an interview with the man himself at Gefle Dub and we talked about his music, the dubstep sound and scene and more. I really recommend grabbing his music from Beatport (in particular the “Down With the Kids EP” which I mentioned above. We talked a bit about a couple of the tracks from that EP).


Web: Never Say Die Records
Facebook: Like SKisM
Beatport: SKisM Music