September 13th, 2013 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Drum & Bass, Electro

I dont know so much about this mystic musical phenomenon named XYK. But the EP named “Nebula” has been blowing trough my speakers for some time now. And all I can say is that I love it.


I wish I could write more about this new project. All I know for now is that XYK originates from Stockholm but currently resides somewhere in the United Kingdom. Make sure to sit down and really listen to this, because it’s something out of the ordinary. Not the common drum & bass you would come across. My personal favorite track is the second one called “Claustrophobia” which even have a original music video. You can watch it here!


Please do listen to the whole EP down below. It wont be a disappointment. You will also find XYK on Spotify and you can support this project by buying the EP here and here! Have a good weekend!



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August 13th, 2013 | by Tasty | posted in Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Electro, Electro (Electro House), Electro (Trash Electro), Mixes, Techno, Trap

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Since I havent posted something in while I thought I would share some of my latest mixes with you guys. It’s what I’v been listening to lately or tracks that I really think deserve some more attention. Enjoy!

Old Mix by moi:

August 8th, 2013 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro

The duo Dog Blood “Skrillex & Boys Noize” new EP entitled “Middle Finger PT.2″ has been leaked. The latest news about when it will drop officially is on August the 20th. But you can as of now stream some of the songs from their own soundcloud page. I have been curious ever since I heard Skrillex latest essential mix on BBC Radio 1 and of course Dog Bloods sets on various different festivals about what they have been cooking up. And I am not disappointed. They have been experimenting with sounds ever since they got together and they still do. My favorite one on this is The M Machine remix which really gets me going. There are also remixes done by Million Like Us and Trapmasters. Cheers!



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June 9th, 2013 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Drum & Bass, Electro

Ah well there has been loads of opinions on “Random Access Memories” and I myself had some struggle at the beginning with Dafts new ways! But after getting the album on vinyl I changed my mind totally! I love it! And one of the tracks I dig is “Doin’ It Right”. Computer Club worked his magic on this gem and turned it in to a really chill awesome DNB tune! Hope you will enjoy this as much as I am.



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Found this as well when browsing soundcloud! A little more chill but still awesome!
Have a listen to Unlike Pluto’s take on the song.



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April 14th, 2013 | by Case Nine | posted in Drum & Bass, Spotlight (Artist)

It’s not every day you come across an artist who has yet to release their third track and you’re completely blown away by their musicianship and production skills, but Friday was one of those days when I discovered Layer. Disposal which is his latest tune, takes me back to another time in Drum & Bass. The production is immense, there’s beautiful simplicity in its structure yet it never bores you. This is one of those tracks that reminds me why I love Drum & Bass.


I’m looking forward to future productions from Layer, I can only imagine the future is bright. This is an Art of Noize exclusive, free download. Make sure you download the track by following the link and liking us on Facebook below:


FREE Download Link




April 9th, 2013 | by calis | posted in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro

Mike Stonebank or Mike Modulate and Rocket Pimp is a UK based DJ and producer. When I first heard his music I was very surprised of how all the extreme sounds were matched together in this amazing symbiosis.


While Mike Modulate focuses more on the drum & bass and dubstep sound he creates an amazing orgy of pumping basslines and lightning synth stabs under the alias Rocketpimp. This has to be one of the most interesting electro house producers today.





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April 3rd, 2013 | by Naxon | posted in Drum & Bass, Mixes


Longt time since I made some noize here and since I haven’t seen to much Drum n Bass posted here lately, I think it’s time to smack two birds with one stone today.


I recorded this mixtape this morning, which is the latest installation in my DnB Surge volumes, which is up to volume 3 now (sorry, forgot to post volume 2 when it was released, but you can find it here). I took a great chunk of new and classic tracks, all in the space of Neuro/dark, jump up, techstep and a little jungle. Got a great adrenaline rush making this, which I hope to achieve giving you while listening to it.



01 Calyx & Teebee – Scavenger
02 Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Tripel
03 DC Breaks – Shaman
04 Icona Pop – Nights Like This – Icicle DnB Remix
05 Mark Knight ft. Skin – Nothing Matters – Noisia Remix
06 Break & Nico – Salvage feat. Kyo
07 S.P.Y. – Hammer In My Heart feat. Diane Charlemagne – Black Sun Empire Remix
08 Zeds Dead & Omar Linx – Cowboy – DC Breaks Remix
09 Locust & MC Flax – You Don’t Know
10 Mind Vortex – Arc
11 Luniz – I Got Five On It – Aphrodite Remix
12 Shock One – The Sun – VIP
13 Johnny Osbourne – Rock It Tonight – Marcus Visionary 2013 Jungle Remix
14 Skeptical – Blue Eyes – VIP
15 Sinister Souls – Live It Up
16 Dirtyphonics – Walk In The Fire
17 Major Lazer – Get Free – Andy C Remix
18 Morten Breum – Larva (Far Away) – Pegboard Nerds Remix
19 J Majik & Wickaman – Beyond Our Dreams
20 Mav – Time & Space
21 Sabre – Halo Danger
22 Fracture – Tunnel Track
23 Trei & State of Mind – Breed
24 Wilkinson – Take You Higher
25 Fleur – Turn The Lights On – The Prototypes Vocal Remix
26 Fred V – Grafix – Purple Gates


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December 10th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro

It’s unusual or even unheard of for us to post 2 posts consecutively about one artist, but this one felt required. Shufflethroat is already getting ready for his debut EP release and Art of Noize is getting an exclusive preview on this one. It’s hard to believe that Shufflethroat is releasing such a lot of high quality material in such a short time, but we sure as hell ain’t complaining. It deserved a post on our YouTube channel as well.


Look out for the release of the full EP for free on December 18th. Naturally we will be posting it!


Shufflethroat - Always Giving


Shufflethroat - Profound Insanity


Shufflethroat - Pushing a Button



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September 26th, 2012 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Drum & Bass, Drumstep


So I sure do hope you have heard the original of this song! Because it´s bad ass! Posted back in August by Case Nine here. But enough of the original. Airwolf from Melbourne, Australia has here made a tasty remix of it. And even though it has those familiar trap music sounds, it sure grows in to something much better. Hope this will make your days towards weekend go faster. Enjoy this freebie!



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September 12th, 2012 | by Naxon | posted in Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Electro (Electro House), Mixes, Trap

Since a couple of years ago, I have kept my eyes close toward one of the most skillful and friendliest producer out there, which is Michael Gigantor. He is one of the masterminds behind many projects like Evol Intent for example. But I first got to know him under his solo-alias, which is Computer Club, which in my opinion is his strongest projects.


He has over the years delivered many of the best original tracks and remixes that I know. He has also delivered some mentally good mixtapes (that’s how I first got to know him, when he sent out a mail regarding his Winter 2010 Field Trip Mix). The only thing that is a big shame when it comes to this project, is that I rarely see anything new from him, which I have complete full understanding due to him being involved in so much. So I tend to cherish these moments when I see something fresh coming from him. And last night it finally did!


Reboot 2012 mix is his latest mix called and I’m like his previous stuff so amazed how high the quality is. In 65 minutes he squeezes in 43 tracks and flows like water. Don’t sleep out on this mix, or you’ll miss out on something extraordinary!



Full tracklist can be found here!




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