June 23rd, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drumstep, Electro, Genres

Here’s a new preview from americas own Le Castle Vania. A very refreshing and musical tune which we can expect to see on his upcoming album. This is the kinda tune which I can imagine hearing scored to a movie, which is usually a very good sign for a track. Remember this is just a preview so wait for the proper release to play out.


Le Castle Vania - Raise the Dead (Preview)

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June 16th, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Genres

Figure is out with yet another great remix! This time it’s a bit more toned down then usual but still has that massive feel that we have come to expect from Josh Gards tracks! I actually like this more then his usual “all-out-crazy” remixes.



Kanye West - Mercy (Figure Remix)

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June 6th, 2012 | by ohmygosh | posted in Drumstep, Genres

Anrichrist is back with another free track. I really enjoy the production skills of this duo, even in my iMac speakers this just sounds great, and that’s usually a sign of high quality production. This one is a bit different from their previous work but that’s just fine with me. I think variation is a good thing to keep it interesting. This track is a jumpy one which features some great sounding vocals. One thing that has bothered me though is that their different tracks have been slightly monotone. This one isn’t though, and I hope this will keep up. Hope to see more tracks and success from these guys soon!


Antichrist - Fresh Meat

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June 5th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Electro, Genres

The electronic tracks which interest me the most are usually the ones with original sound design. You can have a great track in musical terms but if the sound design is lacking interest it will usually not get much interest from me. I thought this track was a good example of some interesting sound design which is why I decided to share it with you guys. Hope you dig it as well.


Neoteric & Wax Motif - Go Deep (Torro Torro remix)

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May 29th, 2012 | by ohmygosh | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Electro, Genres, Moombahton

I guess it’s fair to say that Knife party has been hitting i pretty damn big this last year. And finally, after what feels like forever, they’re back with a whole EP entitled Rage Valley. Feels like all the four tracks is in a different genre but who cares, right? The music speaks for itself. Just listen and enjoy.

I suggest you buy this EP on Beatport.





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May 14th, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Electro, Electro (Electro House), Electro (Trash Electro), Genres, Mixes

I sat down today and found so many good tracks that I just hade to compile them in a mixtape. Found that more fun then just uploading the tracks. So here are the mixtape + all the individual tracks.




1. Pretty Lights - You Get High

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2. Digitalism - A New Drug

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3. TJR - Funky Vodka (No Body Bootleg)

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4. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Noxes Remix) -

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5. SIA - Wildones (Ruined By CTLGD) -

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6. AT DAWN WE RAGE - Ravey

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7. Taiki & Nulight - Rising Up

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8. Knife Party - Destroy Them With Fucken Lazers (OMG and ShockWave Bootleg Remix) -

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9. Hardwell - Spaceman (Drown The Fish Remix)


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10- Figure and The-Killabits – Heavy Metal

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April 27th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Genres

I’ve been bigging up Poisound since I first heard him early this year and wow was I impressed with his music. Not only does he create truly ‘original originals’ but he also does some amazing remixes of tracks I can only assume he does not have the original track stems to. An example of an original he’s done which truly impressed me was his track ‘Get Shock’. Listen to it yourself and discover a something you don’t hear every day.


He might be best known for his remix of the Knife Party track ‘Internet Friends’ which is more in line with this new remix of Skrillex and Damian Marleys collaboration called ‘Make It Bun Dem’. This is the perfect track to thrown into a set and take people by surprise when they expect the original. I don’t know how he does it but he has a magic ability to produce something which actually sounds amazing without having access to the original track stems. Hope you enjoy.


Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Poisound Remix)

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April 13th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Genres

Ok so I posted a remix by Prototyperaptor only just a while ago, but I just discovered this song whilst scouring the internet today and I had totally missed it on his Soundcloud. Its about 30 days old but sometimes you gotta make a decision between an awesome month-old song and a slightly less awesome brand-spankin tune and I’d rather introduce you guys to mind bending stuff.


I’m really amazed by this guy. His production skills are really out of this world and as I mentioned last time his musicality is amazing as well. That shines through on this track as well. With every track I’ve heard by him I keep thinking about how badly I’d like to hear it on a giant system and I think you’ll understand what I mean when you hear it.


Check out the original tune by a duo I consider legends: Camo & Krooked below as well.


Camo & Krooked - Hot Pursuit (PrototypeRaptor Remix)

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April 5th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Genres

If you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel you will probably have seen that we uploaded a track from our friends in Antichrist last week. We decided it might be a fun thing to be involved with promoting some new tracks through the YouTube channel with some nice visualization. Here is the second track going to the YouTube page and this time its a free download delivered by Aussies Get More and CasueL. Its a remix of a Mobb Deep tune and both musically and production wise its fantastic.


The beat alone was enough to make me interested, but once the more electronic elements kick in at around the 1.30 mark, you’ll know why I’m hooked to this track. Wompy Hip-Hop mixed with large dubstep flavours and a bit of a drumstep groove.



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Mobb Deep - Put Em in their Place (Get More & CasueL Remix)

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March 11th, 2012 | by ohmygosh | posted in Drumstep, Dubstep, Genres

Would you agree that some tracks are “holy” and should not be remixed? And do you agree that Wonderwall by Oasis is one of those tracks? Well, I do. Or did, until recently.


I basically grew up with this song and it was one of the first ones I learned to play on the guitar. So I’ve heard it like a gazillion times. And yes, it’s kind of holy to me. But here’s two remixes of this classic song that doesn’t actually annoy me.


The first one is my favorite of the two. Remixed by Milo & Otis this one could easily have been an original track but the implement of the Wonderwall vocals and classic guitar riff works out just fine.


Oasis – Wonderwall (Milo & Otis Remix)


This next one remixed by Figure is more based on the original track. In the drop the original bass line is used and I guess it sounds quite all right. Still doesn’t annoy me. Have a listen!


Oasis – Wonderwall (Figure Dubstep Edit)