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Skyve has recently released his new song called “Where’s the drop?”. I myself are having a hard time finding where the “drop” really is, but nonetheless it´s a neat song that surely will make me move my limbs on the dance floor! So why don’t you check it out, it´s free and all. Enjoy!



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Yo Art Of Noizers! Here is a quick mix I scrambled together today. Use it to pump up for the club tonight, or to get your memory back of what you did yesterday night. Whatever you choose to do, crank the volume up and enjoy the 30 minute madness you are about to hear! Read more for the tracklist.




September 22nd, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Electro (Electro House)

One of Cazzettes best remixes so far! The swedish duo has taken the world by storm the last year or so and even I cant resist their cheesy electro-house sound.


Alex Clare - Too Close (Cazzettes Amphitheatres Surrounding Her Mix)

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September 12th, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Dubstep, Electro (Electro House)

I love it when you find new promising artists like this one. Beeing his 2nd “fan” on Facebook I can pretty much say that this track havent been heard by many others. Even though this isn’t really 100% I still firmly believe that this 17 year old will have a lot more fans really soon. The track itself has a nice touch of that oldschool Warp Brothers Acid House sound with a little dibble of breakdown-dubstep.
This guy sure deserves more then 2 fans so go like his facebook page and give him some love when you done listening to this track.


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Psychorus bootleg)

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September 12th, 2012 | by Naxon | posted in Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Electro (Electro House), Mixes, Trap

Since a couple of years ago, I have kept my eyes close toward one of the most skillful and friendliest producer out there, which is Michael Gigantor. He is one of the masterminds behind many projects like Evol Intent for example. But I first got to know him under his solo-alias, which is Computer Club, which in my opinion is his strongest projects.


He has over the years delivered many of the best original tracks and remixes that I know. He has also delivered some mentally good mixtapes (that’s how I first got to know him, when he sent out a mail regarding his Winter 2010 Field Trip Mix). The only thing that is a big shame when it comes to this project, is that I rarely see anything new from him, which I have complete full understanding due to him being involved in so much. So I tend to cherish these moments when I see something fresh coming from him. And last night it finally did!


Reboot 2012 mix is his latest mix called and I’m like his previous stuff so amazed how high the quality is. In 65 minutes he squeezes in 43 tracks and flows like water. Don’t sleep out on this mix, or you’ll miss out on something extraordinary!



Full tracklist can be found here!




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September 4th, 2012 | by Tasty | posted in Electro (Electro House)


I know that this track have been out for a while but I just had to post it. Nari & Milani have turned one of Tim Berglings most cheesy tracks into an all out crazy dutch house banger. With the added vocals of another swede (Al Fakir) this makes for a perfect set-ender.


Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir - Silhouettes (Nari & Milani Remix)

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August 30th, 2012 | by Naxon | posted in Electro (Electro House)

I was actually supposed to write about this release yesterday since it was supposed be available by then. But as a lot of producers and labelmanagers know very well off, Beatport can have it’s moments and not work properly all the time. But since it was only delayed by a day, I’ll skip writing more about beatport and jump right into the release.


Svidden, the Swedish genius who have caught attention all around the world from many of the biggest producers in the whole electronic scene with his previous EP Brettafjack, just came out with his second EP on Bonerizing Records: We Are! With this EP, he takes his production skills up a notch (even though we didn’t think it was possible, due to Brettafjack EP was perfection). Both tracks on the EP are flawless and there is nothing more to add than we highly recommend that you buy this like immediantly.


To help clarify why urge you to do so, just listen to the previews and you’ll get the full picture.



Buy on Beatport


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August 28th, 2012 | by ohmygosh | posted in Dubstep, Electro, Electro (Electro House), Uncategorized

Make It Bun Dem has been a huge success commercially. I’m not the biggest fan of the song, even though I think the vocals are outstanding. But a few days ago the official remixes of the tracks was released, packaged as ‘Make It Bun Dem Afterhours EP’. This EP offers great improvement to the original song, offering some even heavier elements to it.


The Alvin Risk Remix is really outstanding so I recommend to check it out. Absolute banger!



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August 28th, 2012 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Electro, Electro (Electro House)

The crazy banana eating Swedes Dada Life has finally released their much anticipated track “Feed The Dada”. I have been stoked since I saw the teaser video some weeks ago. And they do not disappoint me at all. Just as you would expect, “Feed The Dada” is a hard hitting electro house tune, with the “biggest drop ever” as they clearly state in the teaser video. Some might argue about that, but nonetheless it is a massive tune that I am sure you will hear for a long time to come.


Including in the release is two great remixes by Dyro and Dice Motion. Check out the streams below. And be also sure to have a look at the official video as well, it´s dadalicious!








Olle Corneer och Stefan Engblom (aka Dada Life) has confirmed that they will give out an album this fall, and it will be called “The Rules of Dada” and it´s to be released on October 17 in Sweden. Digitally on October 16 and physically on October 30 for The United States.

August 27th, 2012 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Electro (Electro House)

Well hello there!
My name is Eddie (aka E.T.T.H) and I have been running my own music blog for a while, but when I got the chance to write for AON I couldn’t turn it down. So here I am now, and hopefully you will find my future posts satisfying. You will also probably get to know me better throughout my posts. But for now let me introduce you to two talented producers from my hometown.
Vincent Lejtzen (aka Lejtzen) & Johannes Andersson (aka AND) are very new to the music scene, yet they have managed to create this electro-house gem. I asked Lejtzen about it. And all he said was that the two of them had nothing else to do for a week, so they sat down and started making something. The outcome became “Nippy”.
Lejtzen himself has some more songs he is currently working on. So you can be sure to hear more from him in the near future. But for now, enjoy this free song!
Lejtzen & AND - Nippy (Original Mix)

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