March 28th, 2013 | by Case Nine | posted in Hip-Hop

We don’t post tracks that firmly belong in the Hip-Hop category that often but damn this one is so funky and electronic at the same time I just had to. If you haven’t heard MF Doom yet you need to get on it! As far as I know this is originally a Danger Doom track though (collab between Danger Mouse and MF Doom), but Opiuo tagged it MF Doom. The tune sticks pretty damn close to the original but this one is really, really bassy, which is what I love about it. And lets not forget the funk.


MF Doom - Benzie Box (Opiuo Rework)

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August 30th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Electro, Hip-Hop

You might have heard of these guys for their handiness with a pair of decks. That would usually not land you a post on Art of Noize though, but seeing as they’ve got a new album coming up on September 3rd, this had to happen.


To be honest it was their new video for ‘Arcades’ (which will be featured on the album) which caught my attention. First of all I can never say no to a tune which incorporates the harpsichord, so that was enough to get me addicted. On top of that the song (it really is a song and not a track or tune, whether the distinction is imaginary or not) has some beautiful vocal samples and a badass beat. The video is a fairly simple but beautiful concept centered around geometrics, but I’ll let you watch and enjoy it for yourself. No doubt we’ll be updating you when the new album is released!


Update: The Album has been released! Check out the iTunes link below!



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