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Since a couple of years ago, I have kept my eyes close toward one of the most skillful and friendliest producer out there, which is Michael Gigantor. He is one of the masterminds behind many projects like Evol Intent for example. But I first got to know him under his solo-alias, which is Computer Club, which in my opinion is his strongest projects.


He has over the years delivered many of the best original tracks and remixes that I know. He has also delivered some mentally good mixtapes (that’s how I first got to know him, when he sent out a mail regarding his Winter 2010 Field Trip Mix). The only thing that is a big shame when it comes to this project, is that I rarely see anything new from him, which I have complete full understanding due to him being involved in so much. So I tend to cherish these moments when I see something fresh coming from him. And last night it finally did!


Reboot 2012 mix is his latest mix called and I’m like his previous stuff so amazed how high the quality is. In 65 minutes he squeezes in 43 tracks and flows like water. Don’t sleep out on this mix, or you’ll miss out on something extraordinary!



Full tracklist can be found here!




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The self-proclaimed emperor of filth, which is the producer Sluggo, have been making a whole lot of noise with his currently ongoing tour and dropping a rad preview of his upcoming release. And while I was banging my head the other day to the preview of Space Sharks (from the upcoming release), I got contacted by one of his nice promoters offering a chance to interview him. You’ve seriously gotta love life when opportunities come knocking on the door at the right time, right? So without further ado:


Art of Noize: Howdy Mr. Sluggo, I would like to start of this interview with the standard question everyone have first time talking to a person; How are you doing?

Sluggo: I’m doing quite well! How are you doing Sweden?


Art of Noize: We are doing good as well, thanks for asking! So Sluggo, now that we know how you feel, what are you currently up to right now?

Sluggo: Well, at this moment, I’m honestly playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and building motivation for working in the studio.


Art of Noize: I have seen that you have new upcoming EP soon called ‘Engineered to Destroy’, could you please tell us more about it what kind of destruction there is to await from it and when we can anticipate to see available to buy?
Sluggo: My new EP Engineered To Destroy is not just dubstep but also some moombahcore. That’s not all though. There’s a vicious drumstep remix of Space Sharks by Tyler Blue. As of right now, we are still unsure where we want the EP to go out to, but as soon as we get word or when this drops, you will be the first to know!


Preview the EP here


Art of Noize: Then we will be looking forward to hear from you about it!
Something that have been very much visible in the dubstep scene is the amount of hate from fans of the older generations of dubstep versus those who enjoy newly produced dubstep. What are your thoughts about this whole thing?
Sluggo: I feel it doesn’t really matter. I love older dubstep, and I love newer dubstep. It’s kinda like saying you liked a band seven years ago, but now you don’t because they evolved. It’s bound to happen. Just love what you do and listen to what you like. Haters make us famous :)


Art of Noize: We have seen that you’ve done a lot of collaborations (for example with Liquid Stranger, Nerd Rage, Getter and etc.). Which producer/band is your dream to sit down with and produce one or two tunes with, living or not so living?
Sluggo: I love working on songs with other artists. I find it fun, and completely motivating. As far as what bands and producers I would want to work with, any would-be artists that feels what I am doing and wants to jam and see if something comes out of it. However, if I were to choose one, it would be BAR9 out of the UK. I love those guys! Their sound is epic!!!


Art of Noize: I cannot disagree with you on that, they got some really big things done! Speaking of other fine producers; we have noticed also that you’re currently on tour around the states with many big names. We are just wondering if you are coming by Europe any time soon, and even more interesting, can we expect a visit to us in the cold north (Sweden that is)?
Sluggo: Right now my Ultragore Recordings tour is only North America and Australia. There is nothing set up for Europe quite yet. I would love to come out and tour though so spread the word!


Promovideo for the current tour

Art of Noize: Lastly, besides the upcoming EP, what are your plans for the future?
Sluggo: Wow, there’s a lot going on right now…….First thing is our KillbotT project, it’s coming out on Dim Mak Records in October 2012. It includes myself, Tyler Blue, and frontman Jonathan Davis of Korn. This is huge, so be on the look out. I’m also doing a new EP with Getter for the Bay Area called Mortar. Plus, there’s a metal project from myself, Mantis, Nato Feelz, and an undisclosed singer. So just stay tuned to my Facebook page and my Twitter to get updated!  Thank you Art of Noize!


Art of Noize: No, thank you for taking the time talking to us!


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Hi and good day to all of you readers!

My name is Niklas (aka Naxon as I will be known as here on the blog) and I’m one of several new contributors to this fine blog. Some might know a little about me, since I used to be until lately a part of the Dödselectro crew, where I wrote about music since the birth of that blog basicly. But due to various reasons, I’ve decided to join this fine team to write about the music that gets me pumping. I hope you readers will find my posts to be an interesting addition to this blog!


Anyway, something I usually did at the previous blog was to post mixtapes from time to time that I’ve recorded and something I’ll keep on doing here. And for the first time, I’ve done a mixtape with strictly Drum n Bass material. I hope you enjoy this one, cheers!



01. Culture Shock – I Remember
02. Seven Lions & Shaz Sparks – Below Us – Smooth’s D&B Mix
03. Loadstar – Bomber
04. Affinity – Static – Moving Fusion & Ant Miles Remix
05. Sub Focus – Timewarp – VIP
06. Dominator & Flat T – Mind, Body and Soul
07. TC – Space Animals
08. Nero – Do You Wanna
09. Sub Focus – Out The Blue – Club Mix
10. Pandalogik – Where Are You?
11. Rusko – Somebody To Love – Sigma Remix
12. Teknian – Desperados
13. 16 Bit – Dinosaurs – Doc Diotic Remix
14. Liquid Stranger – Octagon ft. Messinian
15. Deli J – Free – Shufunk Remix
16. Futurebound vs Metrik – Sabotage
17. Dodge & Fuski – Come Again – Phetsta Remix
18. Dub Phizix, Skeptical ft. Strategy VS Encode & Davip – Markanos – Naxon Mashup
19. Pendulum – Salt In The Wounds – Excision VIP
20. Krafty Kuts – Shake Them Hips – Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix
21. Sub Focus – Follow The Light ft. Takura
22. Xample & Lomax – Remember
23. Sub Focus – Airplane
24. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember – J Majik & Wickaman Remix
25. Nero – Reaching Out – Wilkinson Remix
26. Futurebound – Blind Cobblers Thumb – Tantrum Desire Remix
27. Futurebound & Metrik – Brave New World
28. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up – Sub Focus Remix


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What makes a good EDM Music Video? It seems to me most videos being released in this genre of ours are either void of creativity or thematically disconnected from the music itself. The same can not be said for this new video directed by Mike Dahlquist. The visual elements combined with the mood of the video make for a great video, in fact one of the best I’ve seen in EDM for ages. Most of all it’s a FUN video and that’s exactly what this type of ‘banger’ music is supposed to be. Hope you dig it as much as I did!



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Art of Noize is now back from Emmabodafestivalen 2012 which year after year offers some of the best electronic bookings that Swedish Festival life has to offer. This year was no exception and there were definitely some bookings I had wanted to see for a very long time (For example HAEZER, KOAN Sound, Gesaffelstein etc.). For those of you that haven’t visited the festival, it is located in the middle of the forest in Småland:



Emmaboda being in the middle of the damn forest really adds to it’s atmosphere as an old school rave and its the only one that feels like it in Sweden. As soon as I arrived I realized how similar the place looked to last year and it felt comforting. I didn’t want this place to change all too much and that seems to be the general consensus of the organizers as well. The goal is not to grow but rather to continue organizing a great festival in the long run, creating a fantastic legacy. This is the type of business model few Swedish festivals have followed in the past and in turn it has caused them to fail (with few exceptions).



When I got there, most people we were camping out with had already arrived or were just about to. This included the boys from Antichrist, F.O.O.L, Dödselectro, our homie Serkan from Bonerizing, the ladies from Uniporn and many more friends in the web. Another great new friend to the Art of Noize family is Morten Frool whom I’d been talking to previous to going to Emmaboda this year. He’s a super talented photographer and he ended up helping us out this year. I hope to have him with us next year as well as you will understand from looking at the pictures below: They were all taken by him. Check out his portfolio here: CLICK!




Camping/Festival Shots








Porter Robinson










Toxic Avenger


Koan Sound


The M-Machine


Steve Aoki


Knife Party



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For our non-swedish readers, this post might seem a little bit irrelevant, but trust me it’s not. Our Swedish readers will know that Emmabodafestivalen or the Emmaboda Festival is a Swedish Festival held each year at the end of July in Småland (a southern region of Sweden). This is the festival which has been most consistent in booking some of the worlds best Electronic music acts over the last few years and that’s exactly why Art of Noize will be present! Last year we snagged interviews and shot live footage of artists such as Feed Me, Danger, Infected Mushroom, F.O.O.L and more.


So what do we have in store for this year? Well as always we try to track down interviews with as many of the artists we like as possible. I say track down because this usually involves me running after people, being slightly obnoxious from frustration towards staffers and just straight up trying to convince people why they should do the interview. Why? Because we want cool content for this site. It’s these tactics that have gotten us interviews with the likes of Feed Me (the only face to face video interview with him under the name Feed Me rather than Spor) and Danger (the only English, spoken interview to be found).


This years lineup offers artists from so many categories of electronic music. Everything from the hardest, trashiest Electro (HAEZER, F.O.O.L, Antichrist) to House (Bingo Players), Techno (Gesaffelstein, Brodinski), Industrial (Combichrist), to Dubstep (Skream, KOAN Sound, Knife Party) etc. etc. (For the FULL LINEUP click the link).


Remember if there is any person in particular you would like us to interview, let us know in the comments or on Facebook and we will try to get that interview. Feel free to post your own question(s) as well!

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I sat down today and found so many good tracks that I just hade to compile them in a mixtape. Found that more fun then just uploading the tracks. So here are the mixtape + all the individual tracks.




1. Pretty Lights - You Get High

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2. Digitalism - A New Drug

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3. TJR - Funky Vodka (No Body Bootleg)

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4. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Noxes Remix) -

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5. SIA - Wildones (Ruined By CTLGD) -

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6. AT DAWN WE RAGE - Ravey

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7. Taiki & Nulight - Rising Up

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8. Knife Party - Destroy Them With Fucken Lazers (OMG and ShockWave Bootleg Remix) -

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9. Hardwell - Spaceman (Drown The Fish Remix)


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10- Figure and The-Killabits – Heavy Metal

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Our friends over at Sympa Music was kind enough to send us an exclusive mixtape by 19-year old electro house producer Robots Can’t Dance. The mixtape is by all definitions an absolute banger and should be played at your next party.

We are also currently experiencing some technical problems with our Soundcloud page so this will be uploaded temporarily on my personal Soundcloud.



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1. Rogerseventytwo – Your Take Me Higher (Kids At The Bar Remix)
2. Datsik & Kill The Noise – Lightspeed
3. Elite Force – Be Strong (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
4. Sean Tyas & Horny Sanchez – Rebox
5. Gorillaz – Dare (Noize Generation Remix)
6. Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Acapella
7. Protype Reactor – Drive Hard (Robots Can’t Dance Edit)
8. Katy Perry – Part Of Me (Acapella – Robots Can’t Dance EDIT)
9. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know
10. Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Extended Remix)
11. Calvin Harris – Bounce ft. Kelis
12. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef ft. ALyssa Palmer (ReepR Remix)
13. Dubsidia – Kill Humans (Dirtyloud Remix)
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
15. Martin Solveig – Big In Japan (Les Bros Remix)
16. M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)
17. Robots Can’t Dance – Heartbeat (Acapella)

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img class="size-full" src="" alt="Art Of Noize Mix 13: Sorry For Killing The Silence" width="625" height="250" />
Sitting and planning new events and other cool stuff! Enjoy this new mixtape while we get everything in order!


Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (Dr. Ozi Remix)
Oasis – Wonderwall (Milo & Otis Remix)
Syndicate – Syndicate Theme (Skrillex Remix)
Basic Physics – The Dopest Antidote
LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)
Katy Perry – Part of Me (Mikael Wills Bootleg)
Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #14)
Avicii – Levels (iNexus Remix)
Artistic Raw & Beastie Boys – B-More Down The Barrel of a Gun (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg)
Pendulum – The Island (Noize Generation Remix)
Krftkds – OMFG!
Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg & Bruno Mars – Young, Wild & Free (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg)
Zardonic & Bare Noize – Kill The Silence


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It has now almost been a year since Art of Noize popped into existence. We began because we wanted an outlet for harder electronic music which we didn’t see online. Nobody did it quite like we thought one should do it. As a result I’ve personally had some of the best experiences of my life with Art of Noize and I’m sure the same goes for my brothers in arms.
This weekend we’ve reached another step on the ladder of what we always envisioned Art of Noize to be. On the 2nd of March 2012, we’re booking two of our absolute favourite artists in the electronic music scene today: F.O.O.L from Sweden and Antichrist from Norway. These acts are at the forefront of heavy, trashy, epic and hard-hitting electronic vibes, both with their own unique take on production and songwriting.
If you haven’t heard or seen these acts live before, you might now know what to expect as far as music or live performance, so I’d like to show you what that might be like. Lets start with our video of F.O.O.L live at Emmaboda 2011 and continue with both F.O.O.L and Antichrist material. That night at Emmaboda was one I won’t soon forget and trust me, our night at Babel in Malmö is gonna be just the same. JOIN THE EVENT!



Next up let’s have a listen to the upcoming F.O.O.L EP. I’m hoping they’ll play some of this material live because the the songwriting judging from the previews is wonderfully cinematic. If you haven’t yet heard F.O.O.L otherwise you need to check out their Soundcloud right away. It’s a treasure chest containing some of the best hard-hitting electro the world has to offer. They have a sound nobody seems to be able to imitate. The F.O.O.L sound is and always will be the F.O.O.L sound and that’s what we’re going to hear in Malmö on March 2nd.



Next up let’s have a look at some developments in the Antichrist. Just a few days the boys from Fredrikstad, Norway really topped themselves with a new remix of Bonerizing records Tiger & Wolf duo. The remix is heavy hitting but still displays an amazing ability to incorporate melodies into a hard framework. To me this really says something about Antichrist and their future. Having only released material and produced music for a year, the boys from Norway seem to have a bright future (Even though they don’t seem to understand why people think their latest remix is so sick :P )