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Make It Bun Dem has been a huge success commercially. I’m not the biggest fan of the song, even though I think the vocals are outstanding. But a few days ago the official remixes of the tracks was released, packaged as ‘Make It Bun Dem Afterhours EP’. This EP offers great improvement to the original song, offering some even heavier elements to it.


The Alvin Risk Remix is really outstanding so I recommend to check it out. Absolute banger!



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Don’t know about you guys but A-Trak’s and Dillion Francis’s Money Makin’ has definitely been at the top ten on my list of summer tunes. Now the remixes are here which is nice.


These are three very different remixes which makes the whole thing interesting. The Oliver Twizt Trap Remix offers the trap sound along with samples of the original track which sounds good. Barjo & Alban Lipp Remix is more of a classic electro track, while the 45 King Bonus Beats Remix is a old school funky track done with a large portion of humor and attitude.


Have a listen and go here if you feel like shopping.


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So i was browsing Beatport and noticed a new EP called Fresh & Tasty. First i mistook their name for Mr.Oizo and thought he was releasing an EP with my name in it. I just had to check that out. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the old french guy but two new young producers from Toronto, Canada. The guys specialize in fast dubstep with a lot of wobble and the ep is released on Heavy Artillery Recordings. The conclusion to this story was that i bought the awesome EP anyway and so should you. Here are the previews of my two favorite tracks from the EP.

Dr. Ozi – Hubba Bubba

Dr. Ozi – Wonky

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Clark Kent is not Superman but he is a 19-year-old producer from the U.S. He mixes electrohouse with dubstep in a very interesting way. It’s great to see all the new young electro-house producers coming up in the EMD-scene. Porter Robinson in the lead right now but this guys might be a worthy adversary.

Anyway, just the other day i heard this new track from him and Hoodlum. Check it out.

Clark Kent & Hoodlum – Tiki

One of his “older” tracks:

Clark Kent – Requiem

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Hi folks! I’ve been away the last couple of days visiting some old friends. Been fun but now I’m really behind with my posting. First of all I’m gonna post the track that was most played during the trip. I only have the track in .wav format so if you want it you have to download the 20 MB file.

Edit: Took down the .wav link since it was corrupted. The Soundcloud link have to do for now.

Monkey Monday

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Since Koan Sound played here in Sweden yesterday, i thought i would post a remix that i found. Don’t have a freaking clue if it’s new or not but it’s pretty dope!

Kill The Noise – Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix)

This Feed Me Cover is so different from his other stuff, it still has some “Feed Me” elements but the vocals still has the biggest part in the track.

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Feed Me Cover)

Church of Noise EP is out now and we have seen some rad remixes of the track with the same name. Congorock released one and so did Diplo. Since i craved that feel-good feeling when i started writing this post i went with Diplo.

The Bloody Beetroots – Church of Noise feat. Dennis Lyxzen (Diplo Remix)

Favorite track from Crookers: Dr Gonzo album + one of my favorite producers: Barletta = A great remix.

Crookers – Hummus (Barletta & Paul David Remix)

Koan Sounds | Feed Me | Diplo | Barletta

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This is a late night update with some fresh tunes. Big Up to Bingo Players and iNexus for making my trip to the store today enjoyable. Btw, people tend to look at u strange when u go around and nod your head like a maniac. Just something i noticed.. Enjoy the tracks.

Stream Only:

Bingo Players - Rattle


AT DAWN WE RAGE – The Night Is Dead To Me

iNexus – Ownage

John Dahlback – Grunge

Florence and The Machine – Cosmic Love (Shu and Catesby Remix)

Bingo Players | AT DAWN WE RAGE | iNexus | John Dahlbäck |

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Case Nine is now in Stockholm waiting to film Skrillex/Flux and im stuck here with nothing to do… Since i have nothing to do tonight i think will make a new mixtape for tomorrow.

Oh and i got this new track as well!
I don’t know if its because i really love the original track or it’s just a great remix but i fucking love this track. This is probably my favorite track at the moment and i got a few thousand in my playlist so it’s pretty good to be at the top. I love how the original melody shines through the dubstep sounds with such a great result.

I guess that’s all. Enjoy the track and have fun tonight, Peace!

Caesars – Jerk It Out ( Sawgood remix )


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Karetus is an electronic music duo that started in Portugal in 2010, by André Reis and Carlos Silva. I first heard of them through their Kanye West – Monster remix which is in my opinion the best one of that track so far. The guys have now released another remix of an famous hiphop track, Young Wild & Free. They brought some much needed bounce to the verses and some excellent breaks. Hopefully they will stick to remixing Hip hop in the future as well cause they really know how to!

Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa & Bruno Mars – Young Wild & Free (Karetus Remix)

Here is the Kanye track, for you that haven’t heard it yet.

Kanye West – Monster (Karetus Remix)


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Hi everyone! I think it’s time for me to start posting all the AON mixes on the website as well. This time i’v only used free tracks so all the tracks featured in this mix will be download-able. We are currently working on updating the site as much as possible so once again we apologize for the lack of content the last couple of weeks. There will be more activity real soon! My new mix is a blend of genres so i hope you will find at least one track you like!

1. Major Lazer – Original Don (Codes Dubplate Remix)

2. Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do

3. Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)

4. Dead C.A.T Bounce & You Killing Me – Justice! (Tits & Clits Remix)

5. Sexinspace – Glitter & Pain (Hack The System Remix)

6. Sexinspace – Glitter & Pain (Dave Scorp Remix)

7. Awolnation – Sail (High Top Kicks Remix)

8. Celldweller – Disposable War Pigs (Celldweller Klash-Up)

9. 23 – FUCK YOU (If You Like This Song)

10.Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Virtual Goods Edit – Original Mix X Kill the Noise Remix)

11.Bullwack – Need by Eddy (Bullwack Remix)