December 28th, 2011 | by ohmygosh | posted in Genres, Moombahton

There is a few artists/producers gives me a hard time telling if I like them or not. But there’s something there, because I keep following them. Diplo is one of these names. He’s sounds amazes me somehow. I thing i see a lot of originality in his work. And he amuses me with his tracks, I never know what to expect. I guess listening to Diplo is challenging, which I can not say about many others. I enjoy listening to to him, but i rarely do.

Anyways, saw this preview and I instantly hit play. This preview features some sweet laid-back moombaton tunes with Diplo written all over them. The EP is going to be called Express Yourself and is apparently supposed to be released real soon for free. This is special. Think you should listen to it.



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