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Art of Noize is now back from Emmabodafestivalen 2012 which year after year offers some of the best electronic bookings that Swedish Festival life has to offer. This year was no exception and there were definitely some bookings I had wanted to see for a very long time (For example HAEZER, KOAN Sound, Gesaffelstein etc.). For those of you that haven’t visited the festival, it is located in the middle of the forest in Småland:



Emmaboda being in the middle of the damn forest really adds to it’s atmosphere as an old school rave and its the only one that feels like it in Sweden. As soon as I arrived I realized how similar the place looked to last year and it felt comforting. I didn’t want this place to change all too much and that seems to be the general consensus of the organizers as well. The goal is not to grow but rather to continue organizing a great festival in the long run, creating a fantastic legacy. This is the type of business model few Swedish festivals have followed in the past and in turn it has caused them to fail (with few exceptions).



When I got there, most people we were camping out with had already arrived or were just about to. This included the boys from Antichrist, F.O.O.L, Dödselectro, our homie Serkan from Bonerizing, the ladies from Uniporn and many more friends in the web. Another great new friend to the Art of Noize family is Morten Frool whom I’d been talking to previous to going to Emmaboda this year. He’s a super talented photographer and he ended up helping us out this year. I hope to have him with us next year as well as you will understand from looking at the pictures below: They were all taken by him. Check out his portfolio here: CLICK!




Camping/Festival Shots








Porter Robinson










Toxic Avenger


Koan Sound


The M-Machine


Steve Aoki


Knife Party



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  • Antichristmusic

    Fucking awesome! thanks for the awesome time assholes <3 much love!

  • kaspar

    Do you have any pics from breakbot and A-trak taken out in the crowd?

    • http://www.artofnoize.se Case Nine

      As far as I know these are basically the ones picked out by Morten Frool who took all the snaps. I’ll ask him for you though :)

    • http://www.artofnoize.se Case Nine

      5 images have been added from the A-Trak and Breakbot crowds! :)