July 30th, 2013 | by E.T.T.H | posted in Dubstep, Electro

Hijack Da Bass is back with a two track EP called “Colossus”. Since most of us in AoN were away during the release of this we did not have the time to post it. But better late then never?!


This EP consists of two tracks. One electro house smasher and a dubstep track which features a vocalist named Fraze. Both tracks are good, but the one that hit my soft spot is the dubstep one. I personally just found it to be more interesting, more things going on and such. But that is my own opinion. Nonetheless this is a great EP and Hijack Da Bass has been kind enough to give it out for free as well! Big up for the great work! Have a listen to both tracks and tell me which one is your favorite and why! Be sure to check them out on soundcloud since these guys never seem to stop pumping out stuff!




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