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Dizzy Gillespie hit the nail with that quote! I do like sounds! So now i’m gonna post some sounds for you!
I’v been having trouble lately with my account, hopefully this time it will work!

Pretty Lights released another track and i downloaded it like 2 sec after it was released. It was amazing, well still is! This track was first played at Bonnaroo Festival and have been his theme song (at least for me) in his sets! Pretty Lights is an awesome producer! Not only is he producing good tunes, he’s also releasing them all for free! If you wanna download more of his tracks, head over to his website and grab them there! but first listen to this one!

Pretty Lights – I Know The Truth

We at Art Of Noize like Skism! We had a chance to meet him when he visited Sweden last time and grab a interview! If you haven’t seen it yet go check it out at our Youtube page. He has now released a remix of one of Porter Robinson tracks! It’s so big! While on the subject of sounds, this one has a few! First i was blown away by that amount of sounds that is contains!

Porter Robinson – The State (Skism Remix)

Far Too Loud, a.k.a. Oli Cash has done it again! First time i heard FTL was when he released his Lily Allen remix. It was one of those mainstream sounding but still contains some good electro parts kind of remix! I thought it was pretty neat but nothing special. This time he stepped up his game a lot and produced a much more hard hitting track with some dubstep influences.

Far Too Loud – Hear Dem Style

UPDATE: I just found this track as well:

Far Too Loud – Moneymaker

Bonus tracks:

Bloc Party – Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)

Huoratron – Cryptocracy

Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over It (Kill The Noise Remix)

Adele – Someone Like You (Bassex Bootleg)

Cris Cab – No Hatred (Mike Russell Remix)

Oscillator Z – I Will Make You Feel

LSMitchell – Empire

Laura LaRue – Un Deux Trois (Laidback Luke Vocal Mix)

Pretty Lights, Skism, Far Too Loud, Herve, Huoratron, Kill The Noise, Bassex, Oscillator Z, Laidback Luke

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