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The self-proclaimed emperor of filth, which is the producer Sluggo, have been making a whole lot of noise with his currently ongoing tour and dropping a rad preview of his upcoming release. And while I was banging my head the other day to the preview of Space Sharks (from the upcoming release), I got contacted by one of his nice promoters offering a chance to interview him. You’ve seriously gotta love life when opportunities come knocking on the door at the right time, right? So without further ado:


Art of Noize: Howdy Mr. Sluggo, I would like to start of this interview with the standard question everyone have first time talking to a person; How are you doing?

Sluggo: I’m doing quite well! How are you doing Sweden?


Art of Noize: We are doing good as well, thanks for asking! So Sluggo, now that we know how you feel, what are you currently up to right now?

Sluggo: Well, at this moment, I’m honestly playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and building motivation for working in the studio.


Art of Noize: I have seen that you have new upcoming EP soon called ‘Engineered to Destroy’, could you please tell us more about it what kind of destruction there is to await from it and when we can anticipate to see available to buy?
Sluggo: My new EP Engineered To Destroy is not just dubstep but also some moombahcore. That’s not all though. There’s a vicious drumstep remix of Space Sharks by Tyler Blue. As of right now, we are still unsure where we want the EP to go out to, but as soon as we get word or when this drops, you will be the first to know!


Preview the EP here


Art of Noize: Then we will be looking forward to hear from you about it!
Something that have been very much visible in the dubstep scene is the amount of hate from fans of the older generations of dubstep versus those who enjoy newly produced dubstep. What are your thoughts about this whole thing?
Sluggo: I feel it doesn’t really matter. I love older dubstep, and I love newer dubstep. It’s kinda like saying you liked a band seven years ago, but now you don’t because they evolved. It’s bound to happen. Just love what you do and listen to what you like. Haters make us famous :)


Art of Noize: We have seen that you’ve done a lot of collaborations (for example with Liquid Stranger, Nerd Rage, Getter and etc.). Which producer/band is your dream to sit down with and produce one or two tunes with, living or not so living?
Sluggo: I love working on songs with other artists. I find it fun, and completely motivating. As far as what bands and producers I would want to work with, any would-be artists that feels what I am doing and wants to jam and see if something comes out of it. However, if I were to choose one, it would be BAR9 out of the UK. I love those guys! Their sound is epic!!!


Art of Noize: I cannot disagree with you on that, they got some really big things done! Speaking of other fine producers; we have noticed also that you’re currently on tour around the states with many big names. We are just wondering if you are coming by Europe any time soon, and even more interesting, can we expect a visit to us in the cold north (Sweden that is)?
Sluggo: Right now my Ultragore Recordings tour is only North America and Australia. There is nothing set up for Europe quite yet. I would love to come out and tour though so spread the word!


Promovideo for the current tour

Art of Noize: Lastly, besides the upcoming EP, what are your plans for the future?
Sluggo: Wow, there’s a lot going on right now…….First thing is our KillbotT project, it’s coming out on Dim Mak Records in October 2012. It includes myself, Tyler Blue, and frontman Jonathan Davis of Korn. This is huge, so be on the look out. I’m also doing a new EP with Getter for the Bay Area called Mortar. Plus, there’s a metal project from myself, Mantis, Nato Feelz, and an undisclosed singer. So just stay tuned to my Facebook page and my Twitter to get updated!  Thank you Art of Noize!


Art of Noize: No, thank you for taking the time talking to us!


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