June 29th, 2011 | by ohmygosh | posted in Spotlight (Artist)


Found something interesting. A Swedish duo called CAZZETTE that takes on some of the biggest commercial hits. So far I’ve heard sick remixes of Swedish House Mafia and  Avicii. Seems like they’re under the same agency as Avicii so I think we can expect more remixes on his work from these guys. Anyway, here’s the tracks i’ve found so far:


This remix is sick. Buildup which drops into dubstep which then drops into really groovy electro house. Amazing. This one will really set the dancefloors out there on fire.



This one has some nice electro vibes to it with a touch of those awesome Warp 1.9 synths. Really heavy beat.



Love this one. Groovy electro remix with some great distorted sounds. Don’t like the original that much, but this remix rocks!



Let’s keep our ears open for more of Cazzette ’cause I really like what I’m hearing here.

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