September 23rd, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized

La Musique D’Ordinateur ( french for Computer Music) is a fusion of two youngsters with the lust to combine different types of music.


They’ve been doing a lot of remixes of songs by famous metal/hardcore bands like slipknot, metallica, bring me the horizon, linkin park etc. Using some well recognized riffs and familiar tunes and melting them down in a melting pot throwing some electro, dubstep and other magical shit, creating a very cool sound and some massive tunes to headbang to!


Lately they’ve been throwing out some of their original tracks aswell and I must say I like what I hear!


As you guys read this they are trying to reach the goal of three-thousand fans and when they do the will release their new EP ‘La Fin du Monde EP’ which translates to The End of the World EP


So hopefully these track that i’m posting will make you wanna head over to their facebook and press that Like-button! They only need like 100 more fans to reach their Goal!


Linkin Park – A Place for my Head (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)


Limp Bizkit – Bring it Back (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)


Heazer – Black (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)


Crystal Castles – Alice Practice (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)


Toxic Avanger – Angst One (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix)


You want more? Visit their soundcloud

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