February 19th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in AON News, Specials

It has now almost been a year since Art of Noize popped into existence. We began because we wanted an outlet for harder electronic music which we didn’t see online. Nobody did it quite like we thought one should do it. As a result I’ve personally had some of the best experiences of my life with Art of Noize and I’m sure the same goes for my brothers in arms.
This weekend we’ve reached another step on the ladder of what we always envisioned Art of Noize to be. On the 2nd of March 2012, we’re booking two of our absolute favourite artists in the electronic music scene today: F.O.O.L from Sweden and Antichrist from Norway. These acts are at the forefront of heavy, trashy, epic and hard-hitting electronic vibes, both with their own unique take on production and songwriting.
If you haven’t heard or seen these acts live before, you might now know what to expect as far as music or live performance, so I’d like to show you what that might be like. Lets start with our video of F.O.O.L live at Emmaboda 2011 and continue with both F.O.O.L and Antichrist material. That night at Emmaboda was one I won’t soon forget and trust me, our night at Babel in Malmö is gonna be just the same. JOIN THE EVENT!



Next up let’s have a listen to the upcoming F.O.O.L EP. I’m hoping they’ll play some of this material live because the the songwriting judging from the previews is wonderfully cinematic. If you haven’t yet heard F.O.O.L otherwise you need to check out their Soundcloud right away. It’s a treasure chest containing some of the best hard-hitting electro the world has to offer. They have a sound nobody seems to be able to imitate. The F.O.O.L sound is and always will be the F.O.O.L sound and that’s what we’re going to hear in Malmö on March 2nd.



Next up let’s have a look at some developments in the Antichrist. Just a few days the boys from Fredrikstad, Norway really topped themselves with a new remix of Bonerizing records Tiger & Wolf duo. The remix is heavy hitting but still displays an amazing ability to incorporate melodies into a hard framework. To me this really says something about Antichrist and their future. Having only released material and produced music for a year, the boys from Norway seem to have a bright future (Even though they don’t seem to understand why people think their latest remix is so sick :P )


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