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I’v been really curious the last couple of weeks what Bob Rifo and Dennis Lyxzén are planning. They have announced the release of there new EP called Church Of Noize but not much more have been said. They have released some weird “guidelines” for living and low quality version of one of there tracks. Since both these guys have been/are members of great bands (The Bloody Beetroots and Refused) my expectations are really high. The track itself sounds alot like The Bloody Beetroots new style which is not bad as such but i would have hoped for some more hardcore elements then just putting in some hardcore Vocals. Well check it out and see what you think!

The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Dennis Lyxzén – Church Of Noise (Radio Edit) (128 kbps)

The EP is Released on the 15th of November!

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Crookers has really changed their sound since i discovered them back in the fidget days. Il cattivo was one of the first electro-tracks i really felt in love with. Though there new style has kept its bounciness, its still not the same as back in the days. This new track is an exception though, this is in my opinion better then the old shit. I just can’t wait to hear this track on some big speakers some time soon. Hopefully OhMyGosh will spin this next time i go see him work! Until then my own speakers will have to do.

Major Lazer – Original Don (Crookers Remix)


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November 4th, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized


Here’s a great new tune for you guys, from the Washington DC, USA / London, UK newcomers Skeptiks! I really like their sound, it’s fresh and hard hitting!


Skeptiks- Whitout A Name (Original Mix)


and I’ll also give you this one cause I like it!


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November 1st, 2011 | by Tasty | posted in Uncategorized

I’v risen from the dead again and by the dead i mean a lot of exams! While i’v been struggling with the dead part iv also found a loooooot of new tracks that’s just blows my mind. Since it’s Halloween and all i thought i would post some Halloween themed tracks, most of them are already featured on the last Art Of Noize Mix but i guess you want to download them as well. So here are some Halloween tracks and some of the best releases from last week!

Danny Elfman – Beetlejuice Theme (Kamei Halloween Edit)

Figure – Beetlejuice (Drumstep Mix)

Kanji Kinetic – Zombies

Misfits – Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)

Track of the Week.

Orna – The Anthem (Flume Remix)

Dubstep of the Week. (AFK released this track for free since the Ableton file got corrupted and they couldn’t finish the whole track).

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. (AFK REMIX)

Electro of the Week.

autoKratz – Speak In Silence (Polymorphic Remix)

Beat of the Week.

Crookers – Wake App

Chill of the Week.

Pretty Lights ft. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley – Wayfaring Stranger

Mainstream of the Week.

Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Remix)

Mashup of the Week.

Skrillex//Kaskade//Krewella//Hypercrush – Monstamash Disco (3LAU Bootleg)

Funniest of the Week.

Jomekka – Pikachu’s Revenge

Glitch of the Week.

Trumpdisco – Love In A Cold Climate (Master 16 Bit).WAW

Rest of the Week.

SOFI & Millions Like Us – Broken Souvenirs

12th Planet – Corner Pocket

Iggy Azalea – Pu$$y (Kid Cedek Dubstep Remix)

Le Castle Vania – Awake (Freefire Remix)

Dan Sena – Song Of Siren Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien & Kylee Swenson (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Datsik & Bassnectar – Elevate

Krftkds – Every Fucking Day

F.O.O.L – The Beginning

Fast Foot feat. MC Cyanide – You’re Dead (Figure Drumstep Remix)

Flo Rida – Good Feeling (Disco Fries Remix)

Dada Life – Happy Violence (Caveat remix)

Candyland – Hit Me

PARTYSMARTIE feat. A Girl & A Gun – Panzerfaust (Andy’s iLL Remix)

autoKratz – Sucker Sirens

Tommy Lee & Figure – Pounds of Blood

Havana Brown ft. Pitbull – We Run The Night (Proper Villains Remix)

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October 31st, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized

So Adventure Club gave me one of my favourite songs (Crave You) in along time a few weeks back and now they’re a back with a really tasty new remix and a official video for it aswell!


LIPS – Everything to me (Adventure Club Remix)


And the video!



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October 29th, 2011 | by ohmygosh | posted in Electro, Electro (Electro House), Genres

I have never liked David Guetta. This french dude is a lousy producer and i do not care for any of his songs either. The fact that he was voted #1 DJ is a disaster if you ask me. So I don’t care for him much.


Or do I now..?


Well. Couple a moths ago Guetta released a track named Bass Line which, surprisingly, was kind of a decent production. Also it was different from his earlier work. The commercial factor was gone and there where no lyrics. Later on the collaboration with Afrojack, Lunar showed up. And thats a pretty damn good track! And the obvious Daft Punk and Justice influences does not harm at all, since they happen to be two of my personal favorite electro names. I asked myself two things when I heard Lunar. First I wondered what the hell had happened to Guetta. Why does he start making non commersial electro music all of a sudden? And secondly; why the hell does he release a track like that under his own name? Why not release it under another alias? I mean, most of his fans won’t like Lunar. And us electro freaks kind of looks down on this track because it’s from him. Hell, the track is even featured on his new album! I’m confused.


Well, these two tracks makes me dislike David Guetta a little bit less. And I think I found another thing that adds to that: Some of the official remixes of Guettas tracks.


Among the official remixers of his recent work is Afrojack, R3hab, Gregori Klossman (sick house dude) and Sidney Samson. Some pretty interesting names. And some pretty sick remixes! Here’s two examples:


David Guetta feat. Usher - Without You (R3hab's XS Remix) David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida - Where Them Girls At (Afrojack Remix)


See what I mean? The fact that Guetta chooses these remixes makes me like him a tiny bit more. I’m actually curious of his future ‘alternative’ releases and remixes. Well, I’m of to play these two bad boys tonight. Will make the girls go crazy and please me at the same time. Great combination.

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October 29th, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago we posted in our facebook group a documentary that we felt excited about! It’s called RE:GENERATION and it’s basically five different DJ’s paired up with famous musicians from different genres creating music together! Very exciting stuff.



One of the DJ/producers is Skrillex who got teamed up with the members from the legendary rock band The Doors. This is the masterpiece they created!


Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakn’ a Sweat

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October 26th, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized

As most of you probably already know Justice’s brand new album Audio, Video, Disco was released yesterday!
That’s why we are giving you our top 5 favorite remixes of the new album and some older tracks!


Let’s start of with the top 5 remixes of the new album!


Justice – Civilization (Blaster Remix)


Justice – Civilization (Kisbeat One Night Club Remix)


Justice – Civilization (L.A.S.E.R Remix)


Justice – Civilization (Engarde Remix)


Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Remix)


And then the dusty old stuff that we still love big time!


Justice – Genesis (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)


Justice – Stress (Nero Remix)


Justice – D.A.N.C.E (R3SET Remix)


Justice – Tthhee Ppaarrtty (Crizzly Remix)


Justice – We are your friends (Disco Villains Remix)



Blaster, Kisbeat, L.A.S.E.R, Engarde, Don Diablo, Go Go Bizkitt!, R3SET!, Crizzly, Disco Villains, Nero

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October 24th, 2011 | by Tasty | posted in Uncategorized

Okey so i just found it that Kaskade is releasing a new album tomorrow (Oct 25th) called Fire & Ice . How i could let this one slip by is beyond me but at least i found it in time. This is his seventh album and it will feature collaborations such as Skrillex, Rebecca and Fiona, Dada Life and Neon Trees. One of the disc will have all the original tracks and the other will have his very own “Ice” remixes. Here are the full tracklist and some freebies!

Disc 1 – Fire

1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes
2. Kaskade Feat Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Extended Mix)
3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love
4. Kaskade & Skrillex – Lick It
5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove
6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go
7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love
8. Kaskade & Dada Life feat. Dan Black – ICE
9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long
10.Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness

Disc 2 – Ice

1. Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill – Eyes (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
2. Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
3. Kaskade feat. Neon Trees – Lessons In Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
4. Kaskade & Skrillex – Lick It (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
5. Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
6. Kaskade feat. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
7. Kaskade feat. Quadron – Waste Love (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
8. Kaskade & Dada Life with Dan Black – ICE (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
9. Kaskade & Inpetto with Late Night Alumni – How Long (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)
10.Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – Room For Happiness (Kaskade’s ICE Mix)


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October 20th, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized

So the last few month we haven’t heard much from Mord Fustang. Now he’s back, with two new remixes!



Buy Here



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