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Ok it’s been a lot of posting today, but I just had to post this. Dutch ‘Rap on Dubstep’ outfitters Dope D.O.D have released a new EP and it’s pretty damn filthayy. As the title of it suggests, the lyrics are pretty grimey. The tunes are very much in the style of possibly their most famous offering “What Happened“, so fans are definitely gonna dig this. Go grab the EP at iTunes if you like the track below.


Dope D.O.D - Brutality


Skrillex is at it again, releasing bangz0r after bangz0r and its good! There’s no point being surprised anymore cuz you know it’s gonna be quality, so listen… click the play button yeah?


Skrillex – Right Here (Studio Version)

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16bit have got to be two of the best producers in the dubstep game, releasing some of the sickest original tracks and remixes out there. The track “Dinosaurs” is no exception, but damn this music video is just so amusing I love it. Most music videos for dubstep tunes completely and utterly bore the living shit out of me, so this is really refreshing. CHECK IT!!



16bit: FacebookBeatport

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Part 2 is here! My mp3bag is packed with Trash-electro this time and it’s also time for me to share it with you guys! One or two tracks might be consider to be Dubstep or DnB but i they atleast have some distend sounds in them. So let’s what we have to offer this time! btw if you missed Electro Madness Part.1 you really should check it out aswell!

We have some colabs, remixes and shit by the two bands Partysmartie and Krftkds. Partysmartie is a relative new band, started in 2010! They mixes heavy synths and dirty noise! To quote there own Soundcloud description “Partysmartie we make heavy shit” and that sons is the truth! Krftkds are kinda new aswell, started in 2009 if i remember correctly! There sound is not as heavy as Partysmartie but they can tear up a dance floor in no time. Both have made some awesome original tracks! Bangers Bangers Bangers and Bangers is all i have to say!

Partysmartie & Krool Kickz – So Not Berlin

Krftkds – Thats A Huge Bitch

KRFTKDS – Justin Bieber Is Dead (Partysmartie Remix)

We also have a new track from the South African Trash Electro godfather Haezer! He’s done it again with his not really mega fresh but never posted before on this blog track! This tracks is not as hardcore as they usually are but it still has that raw vibe to it. I love it and that’s whats counts!

Haezer- Fists In The Air

Lastly we have a track for u guys that think Haezer has gone soft! Russian Trashbag-based guy goes by the name Dj Antention! Haven’t u heard of him? Then you apparently have never listened to Trash-electro before! He’s probably one of the biggest names out there at the moment and this track is so fucking hard! Start The Machinery!

Dj Antention – Start The Machinery

As always i have some extra shit for you sons! Here:

Mr. Miyagi – Pick Your Poison (JFK of MSTRKRFT Remix)

Eli Smith – Bell Tower Bass (Computer Blue Remix)

Asser – Evil (Figure vs Space Laces Remix)

Figure -Torture (Space Laces Remix)

Skorby – Los Angeles

The Mastertrons – Tesla Beaton

Redial – Venom (Drivepilot Remix)

Rage Against the Machine – Testify (Pornorockerz Remix)

SubVibe & Fuzion – 30 Million (Nation Remix)

Partysmartie, Krftkds, Haezer, Dj Antention, MSTRKRFT, Figure, Space Laces, Skorby, The Mastertrons, Drivepilot, Pornorockerz.

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First of all let me just say that I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about a track. There’s something about the mix between a classic tune which brings me back to my younger days and the fact that it’s a completely original AND extremely well produced take on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Snoop and Dre are the most remixed dudes out there, so it’s especially surprising to find something which really slaps you across the face like a limp tuna. Let’s not forget how it completely switches towards the end (I’ll let you hear it for yourself instead of spoiling it for you).


I hadn’t even HEARD of Rasmus Hedegaard, but damn this track changes everything. I don’t even like doing posts with only one track in them, but this is worth it. 3.3 million views on YouTube since March when it was uploaded (Yeah i know, I can’t believe I haven’t heard it until now) is just amazing. Finally today I checked Rasmus Facebook page and found a 320 version that you can stream/download below. Shoutouts to The Blitz for sharing this track with me!


Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (Rasmus Hedegaard Remix)

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August 19th, 2011 | by Artzie | posted in Uncategorized


Some of you might have noticed these viral videos floating around on YouTube by Skrillex. Yesterday when the third video arrived he announced the launch of his new OWSLA Label! ”Artists will be hand selected by Skrillex and the OWSLA team in an effort to unite under a cohesive theme of friendship and integrity – as well as bass,” – The first releases on OWSLA are set and will feature artists like Koan Sound, Porter Robinson, Alvin Risk and M Machine (formally Metropolis). The 22nd of September the Mothership Tour embark on their North America tour and on November the 16th Skrillex with friends such as Flux Pavillion & KOAN Sound will head over to Europe for some shows!


Skrillex has had a amazing year with a lot of releases and lots of touring and hopefully with his new label we will get even more awesome music and stuff to look forward to! He’ll be visiting Sweden for the third time this year on the 21st of November to play at Debaser Medis and he’s bringing KOAN Sound! If you’ve missed out on the videos here they are, check them out below the fold!



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The morning mist is thick in early day Sweden at this hour. I think it’s suitable to start this day off by sharing some sick tunes you can listen to whilst reading up on all else news-wise I have to put into your brain this fine morn (coming up in the next post)! First of all I just have to recommend a purchase of legendary Drum & Bass producer Dom & Roland’s new 2 tracker meant to entice you for his upcoming album. It’s fittingly called “The Big Bang” and is due to see a release in September. If you’re wondering where all these “filthy” dubstep producers got their production techniques from, Dom & Roland is definitely one of the guys to look into. ‘Flux’ just calms you down like no other before smacking you in the face with a brick (look out for that 1:50 drop).

Dom & Roland - Flux

(Buy at Beatport)


Next up I’ve got a really chilled out Drum & Bass tune with truly chilling BASS. Perfect for those tired moments in the morning. It’s a really minimal remix of The XX’s track Shelter by Alix Perez and Khanage, who are both producers that were unbeknown to me prior to this day. That sub bass just travels right through anyone, LOVELY (Just please don’t listen to it on ipod headphones, it’ll ruin your first impression of it).


The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez x Khanage Remix) (Soundcloud)


To contrast the vibe a bit, here’s some South African trash electro from HAEZER. This is just a 128 low quality preview, but seriously I can’t wait for the full release, such a sick party banger.



HAEZER: SoundcloudFacebook


Oh and I forgot, a new Invisible Recordings EP is coming out. Check out all the tracks HERE, or listen to the track I thought stood out the most below!


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The surge of melody-based electronica in the last year or so has been very refreshing. Previous years were filled with the lovely heavyness that has now meshed with a more vibe inspired music: the best of two worlds. I keep getting amazed at how far electronic music has come in only a few years, but then I just stop thinking about it because there’s sweet new tunes to listen to. BLAOW!


First up I have to share a new mix by what might be my new favourite dubstep act in the world at this moment. Their remix of Nero’s ‘Crush on You’ is playing non-stop out of my speakers. This is a mix which includes all their leaked/released tracks so far. If you haven’t heard Knife Party (Gareth and Rob from Pendulum) yet then this is the best way to get introduced.


Knife Party – Unreleased Summer Mix


1. Knife Party – Intro
2. Knife Party – Tourniquet
3. Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party – Working Title In Progress
4. Swedish House Mafia – Save The World (Knife Party Remix)
5. Knife Party – Internet Friends
6. Knife Party Ft. Skrillex – Zoology
7. Knife Party Ft. Mistajam – Until They Kick Us Out
8. Knife Party – The Box
9. Knife Party – Fire Hive
10. Knife Party – Suffer
11. Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)


Now this track reminded me so much of KOAN Sound’s ‘Trouble in the West’ tune. Really catchy melody on a foundation of awesome production value and simplicity. 501 is where it’s at!


501 – Strings Attached (feat. Kaleb)


Next up are a couple of remixes by a UK trio known as Millions Like Us. Definitely a mellow feel to it that kicks into a heavy drop (the kind everyone loves).


Calvin Harris – Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix)


Hurts – Stay (Millions Like Us Remix)


After that we have some other goodness for you including the latest Le Castle Vania tune, which was released about a week ago (if you like it, go grab it at Beatport once you’ve streamed it below), but definitely is a club banger. Also Nighthawk by a guy called Redial which is some lovely stuff and last but not least a strange piece of music in the form of a remix by Vengeance of Porter Robinson‘s and Lazy Rich‘s track ‘Hello’.


Le Castle Vania - Awake


Redial – Nighthawk


Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich – Hello ft. Sue Cho (Vengeance Remix)


I figured I’d share this music video which came out at the end of July for Simian Mobile Disco‘s track Gizzard. Really creeps me out cuz I hate bugs, but a super sweet video nonetheless.


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Yesterday NERO‘s brand new album dropped! It’s FUCKING AMAZING! So many good tracks and every single one has it’s own unique sound! I’ve listen to the whole thing once so far and my favorite track so far is Must Be the Feeling. It’s funky and electro/dubstep at the same time! What’s not to love right?! The whole album is just brilliant so I suggest you listen to it, fall in love with it and  then you head over to Beatport and snatch your own copy! Deal? Good.


Here’s all the songs from the album for you to stream! Enjoy


Nero - 2808


Nero - Doomsday


Nero - My Eyes


Nero - Guilt


Nero - Fugue State


Nero - Me and You


Nero - Innocence


Nero - In the Way


Nero - Scorpions


Nero - Crush on You


Nero - Must Be the Feeling


Nero - Reaching Out


Nero - Promises


Nero - Departure


Nero on Facebook

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So im doing the sequel to Dubstep Madness now! I had so many Electro tracks that i had to make 2 parts cause otherwise it would have been like 50 tracks in this post! So this is the mainstream part of the two Electro posts! The next one will be a bit more trashier then this one.

We have some really epic tracks here and i love to see so many familiar faces making great tracks again! So lets begin!

First off i have David Guetta(Yeah you heard me) and Afrojack making a pretty awesome track for once. I recently posted to my surprise a pretty good track by Tiesto and now it’s time for the all time worst producer ever aka. Guetta. Apperently when he’s not producing shit for money he can make a high-quality track. It kinda reminds me of Daft Punks new shit and that makes it good!

David Guetta & Afrojack – Lunar

We also have a remix by SebastiAn. The track he choose this time is one of Beastie Boys latest track and its name is Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win. This is my favorite track from the latest album so i was pretty glad when i noticed this remix the other day. i Thought it would have been more chopped then it was, well it wasent chopped at all but i love the new heavy beats. It really brings the track to another level. SebastiAn has gotten alot of shit lately cause of his new shit and i hope this track will bring him back to the top again!

Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (SebastiAn Remix)

Bart van der Meer, AKA Bart B More has become one of the biggest names out there in the past years. Starting spinning in Holland some years ago he released a track called So It Goes which gave him international support and the rest is as they said history. Anyway here is some of his latest tracks and remixes! You only really need one word to describes his music and that is beats.

Bart B More, Drop The Lime & AC Slater – The Bass

Bart B More Feat. AC Slater – Cry Baby

Sneaky Sound System – We Love (Bart B More Remix)

Alot of other cool shit:

Felix Cartal – The Joker

Laidback Luke, Jump Jump Dance Dance – 2.0 (Redial Remix)

Etienne de Crecy – Binary

Rye Rye ft. Robyn – Never Will Be Mine (R3hab Remix)

PerryEtty – Applause For You (Bassjackers Remix) <- Fucking Love this track btw!

Sander Van Doorn vs Bingo Players vs Ke$ha – KOKO (Diverse Bootleg)

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (BLACK MATTER Remix)

Spencer & Hill – Dance (Dirtyloud Remix)

Sidney Samson – Duplex

BetaTraxx – Drug Abuse (3 Kilos Remix)

Part 2 will be posted soon so keep a lookout!

David Guetta, Afrojack, SebastiAn, Bart B More, Felix Cartal, Redial, Etienne de Crécy, R3hab, Bassjackers, Black Matter, Dirtyloud, Sidney Samson, 3 Kilos

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August 14th, 2011 | by Case Nine | posted in AON Video, Video Interviews


The Emmaboda festival this year was definitely a big score for Art of Noize. We managed to get interviews and live footage from quite a few worldwide electronic artists, which was great. One of the biggest names we managed to talk to this year was Amit Duvdevani from Infected Mushroom. These guys have been at the very top of the psy-trance game for a long time (at the top of the electronic music game even) and they’re not stopping when it comes to continuously being inspired by different sounds and music. One of the most diverse names in electronic music for sure. As you might have heard they’re even getting into some “Psy-Step” now which is their own mix of influences. Watch the interview and you shall know more!


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