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Ooh! I’ve been collection some funky tunes for you guys during the last couple of days! I have Trumpdisco, Skrillex, DBT!, Boys Noize, F.O.O.L, DCUP. I’m actually not feeling the whole writing thing atm so I’m just gonna skip the whole smooth writing and let you guys listen to some killer tunes, cause let’s face it this late in the evening (Sweden time) you don’t feel like reading anyways.


New remix from hard hitting Australian duo Trumpdisco.


Marvin Priest ft Wynter Gordon – Take Me Away (Trumpdisco Remix) (128)




I’ve been reading a lot of posts and comments on different sites about how people are saying that they are growing tired of Skrillex and his music. For me personally I always find myself amazed by his talent and the ability he’s possessing to create music with that typical Skrillex sound and still manage to make it sound new and fresh.


SebastiAn ft. Mayer Hawthorne – Love In Motion (Skrillex’s Funkt-Out Remix)




We’ve been posting a lot of Justice stuff lately so why stop now!


Justice – Helix (128)




This next tune is a remix of Dragonette’s‘ track, Easy. The guys behind this remix are called DBT! (Do big things!). I don’t know much about them but apparently they are big in Miami house music scene. Still this dubstep remix by them is really really good.


Dragonette- Easy (DBT! remix)




Then we have four funky tunes just to mix it up a bit.


Boys Noize – Adonis


Jean Jacques Smoothie ft. Tara Busch – 2People (DCUP Remix)


Teeth – Flowers (Russ Chimes Vocal Mix) (128)


Phoenix – Lisztomania (Shook Remix)


Last but not least, our good friends F.O.O.L released their new EP (Call To Krieg) a few days ago. Guess what?
It’s not only awesome, it’s also free to download. Go fetch!


download (via mediafire)



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