December 6th, 2012 | by Case Nine | posted in Electro, Genres

There’s this dude called Dennis and his music is going places. The way I see it he’s going about things the right way: creating music all the time. His most known project which goes by the name of Antichrist wasn’t able to accommodate the width of sounds which he comes up with. The result of that is Shufflethroat, a new moniker which allows him to release some very different beats. You might have thought this is just a new account which allows him to release some “B-Sides”, but fuck no. The first thing I hear from this new moniker is absolutely mental. It’s melodic, it’s punchy, it’s cinematic.


Some of you might have the same trouble I do when listening to a new track: you simply don’t know if you like it quite yet. It takes a few listens before it gets glued to your medulla oblongata. So i usually ask myself the same question in the middle of that process: would this fit in a movie? Can I imagine this tune emotionally driving the story of something visual? With this track the answer to those questions is a big fat yes. Grab it, Like him and enjoy this music as I have no doubt you will (It’s a free download on top of that).




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