May 31st, 2011 | by Case Nine | posted in AON Video, Video Interviews

SKisM is a dubstep producer who’s music i fell in love with pretty much as soon as I heard it. In a time when every kid and their mum is trying to produce the filthiest dubstep (including myself… and my mum) SKisM does something different, but still manages to maintain that heavy, dark, punchy element. His music is often majestic, almost orchestral… like a rave symphony (Just check out his “Down With the Kids” EP and you’ll understand exactly what I mean).


We caught an interview with the man himself at Gefle Dub and we talked about his music, the dubstep sound and scene and more. I really recommend grabbing his music from Beatport (in particular the “Down With the Kids EP” which I mentioned above. We talked a bit about a couple of the tracks from that EP).


Web: Never Say Die Records
Facebook: Like SKisM
Beatport: SKisM Music

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