May 16th, 2011 | by Case Nine | posted in Production

This is a bit of a random post which warranted a new category, but which interested me a lot, and by the response on Skrillex Facebook post, it caught the attention of a lot of producers out there as well. Skrillex posed a question about VST plugin Nexus to his fans on his Facebook page and what ensued was a conversation between him and some fans where Skrillex actually mentioned some of his production tools and opinions on different things.


Considering Skrillex laptops with all his music/sounds got stolen in Miami, we might be able to look forward to a whole new sound, created from the ground up, which would be fantastic.


As a hobbyist producer I really enjoyed reading what he had to say and pretty much everyone at AoN is a huge fan of his sound so here we go (marked in red was his most notable point in my opinion). Click Here for the full post (its pretty spammed up though).


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  • anonypls

    that’s really informative. thanks. being a fan i wanted to know how skilled shows off all this sweet madness. even though these things are familiar to me, still wonder how he programs his shit.

    • Case Nine

      I’m glad you found it interesting! :)