December 4th, 2012 | by Naxon | posted in Dubstep

I love when things go well for people I know! Recently Robbie, my former comrade from the blog we both used to write for, took one step further with his Sacramento party crew and started up their own label HOF Records. And now recently, they came out with their second release, which is The Vandal Squad‘s and Chuuwee‘s Turn Up EP. And as I’ve always have liked The Vandal Squad, I knew this would be good. Glad was I, because it was even better than I had expected. Production is on-point, vocals are slick and the bassline is heavy!


To preview the EP, press play on the embedded player. Satisfaction guaranteed!



Bonus: Exclusive free download here for you all on the instrumental version of Turn Up, cheers for this HOF Records!


The Vandal Squad - Turn Up - Instrumental


If you want to have the non-instrumental version with Chuuwee’s rad vocals, then we suggest you make your way either to iTunes or Beatport!


The Vandal Squad Facebook | Soundcloud

Chuuwee Facebook

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